We are always interested in listening to ideas for books. Please email the Editor at with proposals or inquiries.

Proposals should be approx two to four double-spaced A4 pages.

  • Summarize the concept and outline the provisional structure of the book.
  • Explain why you think it will be a valuable contribution to the field.
  • Situate your work in relation to other publications in the same area (or lack thereof).
  • Describe the readership you envisage for the book. Estimate the size of the market if you are able to do so.
  • How long will the book be and when will you finish writing it? Please be realistic and bear in mind that it usually takes longer than you first anticipate.
  • If you are proposing an edited collection of essays, give a brief account of your prospective and/or definite contributors.
  • Include a brief summary of your expertise and/or qualifications. Indicate whether PBRF is a relevant consideration.

If your work is already in progress, please also send a sample chapter. If you already have a complete typescript, we recommend that you initially send only a sample chapter.

We do not currently accept proposals for new fiction or collections of new poetry.

Scholarship and research
The market for scholarly books on New Zealand subjects is often very small. Thinking small is part of Erewhon’s brief. We believe such books should happen, should be well made, and should not have to dilute their approach to the detriment of their contribution to knowledge. However, we do face market constraints, and we think your work deserves to circulate as widely as possible. Please give careful thought to maximizing your audience. Is your language as accessible and jargon-free as the subject permits? Do you explain contexts adequately for non-experts? Can your research tell a story that might catch the interest of an educated lay reader? Would a student or a school find it useful enough to buy? Are there professionals beyond academia for whom it would be relevant?

Educational books
Identify as precisely as you can the readership you are aiming to reach. How big do you think the market is? Are there competing books already in print? Can you find out anything about the sales of a comparable book that was aimed at a similar market? Feel free to hit us with imaginative suggestions, but we appreciate all the detail you can give.

If you wish to produce a new edition of an older book, or to edit a selected or collected works, please provide an account of the work’s previous publishing history, its current availability or lack thereof, and its copyright status. Outline your thoughts about what the introduction should cover, and what other editorial material (if any) the edition ought to contain.

Please consult the Erewhon Press Style guide for preparation of manuscripts.