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Erewhon Press is looking into the possibility of developing an ASD list: books about autism spectrum disorder written specifically for New Zealanders.

I invite anyone who has an interest in ASD to take this brief online survey, or email me at damian.love@erewhonpress.com, or leave a comment on this post. The Press has an in-house familiarity with the autistic spectrum.

I’d like to know whether people feel such books are needed. Are there potential good books that are not being written due to a lack of publishing options? Would a small dedicated autism list with expert advisors, committed to nurturing projects and providing supportive high-quality editing, be likely to stimulate beneficial books that would not otherwise happen? Which of the following categories should be priorities?

  • Research. Research on the diagnosis and treatment of ASD in specifically New Zealand contexts, while often best disseminated in journals, may in some cases be suitable for a monograph, especially if it aims to reach a national audience of practitioners as a work with ongoing reference value or makes a sustained argument for a shift in national practices and policies.
  • Education. Books of practical use to professionals, families and individuals with ASD. These might include textbooks tailored to New Zealand health and education systems, guidance for families on finding and making the most of available resources, and works concerned with advocacy or community awareness.
  • Inside views. It is important that individuals and families affected by ASD have a voice. Authors might benefit from a local publisher of first resort that has knowledge of the field and is willing to work with them to develop promising projects.

All opinions are welcome. I’d also like to hear from experienced or qualified individuals who might be interested in acting as advisors, peer reviewers, or general editors.